Your vacation-relaxation in your holiday house in San Juan, Ibiza

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Treat yourself to a vacation to dream and relax in San Juan, on the Balearic island of Ibiza!

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in your vacation rental, holiday home or apartment in San Juan. The birds are chirping through the open window. A cool morning breeze is blowing inside. A ray of sun gently touches your face and you smile, because you know that yet another wonderful day is awaiting you on the island paradise of Ibiza.

View of a vacation rental in San Juan with pool and palm trees
Apartment with comfort factor, San Juan, Ibiza

You’re strolling down the stairs of your Finca, walk barefoot on the sun-warmed tiles and peek out into your garden with palm trees and a pool. What an amazing view! Accompanied by your coffee mug, you walk along the paved path of your pool and sit down on the edge, right in the morning sun, gently weighing your feet down in the water for a soft water touch. There’s no noise around you, no traffic, no distractions, only the sound of birds chirping and the wind are in your ear. This must be paradise!

Later on you get ready for a walk in San Juan, leaving your dream home – albeit reluctantly – but you know that you will return soon to continue enjoying your finca. Out on the streets of San Juan, people are lightly dressed, smile and give you a warm fuzzy feeling, while you admire the white 18 century church as you’re passing by.

You have breakfast in a small cafe, while watching the waves hit the shore. This is when you notice the fish restaurant Can Gat and decide to dine in here later today. Could life be any more beautiful? Could your vacation be any better than this? – Instinctively you think “No” – and you know, that you’re right.

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