Your vacation-freedom in a finca in San José, Ibiza

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Finca with a large property in San José
Dream of a finca with a breathaking property, San José, Ibiza

You want to experience the feeling of absolute freedom on your vacation, more than you’ve ever felt in the countless upscale hotels of your choice. This time you need a combination of luxury and freedom – without any limitations. We know, that you can fulfill this dream! Come to San José, the beautiful and trendy island of Ibiza, and realize your wildest dreams of freedom in one of our first class well-maintained holiday condos, fincas or vacation homes! You will encounter a whole new feeling of freedom in one of our Holiday properties in San José!

What is this possibility to attain freedom in your holiday finca going to mean to you? It means, for example, that you can run around the property of your finca for 24 hours straight! Nobody is going to disturb you and that is exactly what you like about it! Have you ever experienced taking a swim in your pool at night? This is your chance!

Freedom in your vacation finca in San José also means, that you can throw a party, swim, drink and barbecue and just celebrate with your guests under a breathtaking starry sky, as long as you’d like and however you like to.

Freedom in this context also means that you decide what you’re going to eat! How about making some smores at night with your stonewalled grill or serving some lobster tail for breakfast? Spontaneously throw an open air movie-party on your lawn next to the pool of your finca! Which hotel is able to offer such freedoms? Which hotel would be able to fulfill anything even close to these dreams?!

Grab the possibility of the absolute freedom, that a vacation in one of our luxury holiday properties can offer you! And don’t forget – Besides the freedoms, you should be aware that you will be surrounded by exclusive luxury in your holiday property! – What exactly is still holding you back?!

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