Your magical vacation in Ibiza

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Become a discoverer of magical places and moments during your vacation on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Ibiza! Don’t hesitate any longer! It’s that time again, to start your quest for beauty and the unknown and to make your vacation something that you will never forget! Pack your few things and spend your vacation in our exclusive holiday properties on Ibiza!

Holiday house on the seafront in Ibiza
Exclusive holiday house in the best location, Ibiza

Just as you finish setting up in one of our elegant and expansive fincas or one of our highly modern holiday apartments on Ibiza, it’s time to start exploring the island of your dreams. How about a visit to the Cala d’Hort. This dreamy sand beach offers a breathtaking view of the neighboring island of Es Vedra, located about 2km from here.

According to a legend, the almost 400 meter high and uninhabited island is a magical location, that is surrounded by a number of myths and rumors. Supposedly the island is the last visible part of Atlantis, and in ancient times, sirens were luring sailors into their death from the rocks here. It was however Odysseus, who managed to get away.

Although the island has no magnetic rocks, allegedly compass needles start beating in all directions when near the island. You can look at the island, that’s also the cover of Mike Oldfield CD “Voyager“, right from the beach or even take a boat trip to cruise around it.

Return from this magical trip to your vacation property and let the swing of the day leave a lasting impression on you. Let your feet dangle in the swimmingpool of your finca at night and marvel at Ibiza’s breathtaking starry sky, that is so captivating and beautiful, you will never forget it.

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