Your luxury beach vacation in your holiday house in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Have you already discovered it, the perfect beach? Long and white and luxuriously beautiful, embedded in a breathtaking ambiance, located at a paradisically gorgeous promenade, that offers unlimited opportunities to shop, walk around and to eat. Stop looking! This is where you’ve found it!

The perfect beach for your luxury-beach vacation feeling is located in Santa Eulalia and Ibiza. To spend your vacation here is the right decision! Grab your suitcases and secure a spot in one of our wonderful fincas, vacation condos and vacation houses in Santa Eulalia!First-class-ness and an upscale ambiance are the things, that you may expect to find in your vacation condo. From here on, you can get on your way to the perfect sand beach.

 Terrace of a vacation property in Santa Eulalia with a well-maintained garden and stone sculptures
Vacation property with comfort-factor, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Santa Eulalia is a very wealthy place. This doesn’t only show in the modern marina, but also in the complete surrounding of the location. While you get comfortable on this fine sand, you can let your eyes glide along the well-maintained area. Bars, cafes and shopping opportunities are catching your eye, as well as yachts, people, palms and sunshine.

Once you’re back in your vacation property, fully tanned and content, there’s still time to put your feet up! Don’t stop relaxing! Enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Cool off your sun-warmed body in the pool of your finca, and take a lap in the pool while the sun is setting. Indulge yourself in a cocktail at the side of the pool and look forward to the next day – the next day in paradise on Ibiza.

Click here to access our wonderful vacation properties in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.