Your holiday dream of a finca in San José, Ibiza

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Have you always wanted to spend a different kind of vacation? Not in a simple standard hotel with half board, but as your own boss in an elegant luxury country house built in an island style? Fulfill this old dream of yours and rent a vacation property in San José, Ibiza! Pick the right vacation property or the perfect finca from one of our exclusive offers and spend some magical vacation days in one of our high quality holiday properties.

Rental finca in San José with a Pool and Sea View
Vacation in a wonderful finca in San José, Ibiza

Stroll the streets of San José without any worries, surrounded by sunshine in the morning hours of your first vacation days here. Here’s where you’ll find everything that you will need for a great fulfilling breakfast in paradise. Walk back to your well maintained finca and prepare an amazing breakfast by the pool for yourself and your loved ones.

Later that day, you can stroll around some more and feel the freedom and the endless possibilities, that this vacation creates. Of course you can spend all of your spre time in your luxurious finca, away from the world and your personal stress, if that’s what you crave.

But you could also use your finca as the starting point for all the numerous trip opportnities, that Ibiza has to offer. It’s up to you to create your vacation, just as you’ve imagined it, without having to conform and be limited by formalities of the hotels. Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? To be surrounded by an elegant finca, inmidst of a dream island of Ibiza, that offers you all kinds of recreational opportunities.

Stop pushing your needs to the side! Act now! You’re worth having a vacation in a luxury finca in San José, if that’s something you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.

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