Your heavenly vacation in San Juan, Ibiza

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Do you long for a place that’s full of island charm, sunshine and light? Do you want to feel like you’re surrounded by friendly people, heavenly white painted buildings and churches, filled with freedom and happiness? – Don’t hesitate much longer and spend your vacation in one of our fancy vacation properties in San Juan, Ibiza!

Cozy vacation apartment with view of the sea in San Juan
Vacation in the perfect holiday condo, San Juan, Ibiza

The community of San Juan consists of seven locations, that are populated by approximately 5500 residents. The surrounding area is defined by a number of bays and still untouched nature. The very well fostered and protected natural landscape with its breathtaking cliffs, fertile fields and fabulous trails invites you to go for a hike and explore a unique flora and fauna. Even divers get a great taste in the numerous.

The fostered and protected natural surroundings, with its breathtaking cliffs, fertile fields and fabulous trails for hiking and exploring a unique flora and fauna. Even divers get a great feel of the numerous bays here. Surrounded by manicured green lawns and fields, the white Ibiza style houses, churches and walls create an incredibly beautiful visual contrast.

Amidst of such untouched divine surroundings is where you could rent the perfect vacation property or vacation house. Can you already imagine yourself looking outside of the window of your finca surrounded by such gorgeous landscape? You inhale the clear morning air peek over the tops of the palms and olive trees. Even if you were not to explore the surroundings, you would still feel like on cloud nine in your vacation condo, because there’s absolutely no lack of luxury or comfort here either. Here’s where you can finally go back to the roots and find silence, meditation, relaxation and peace inside and outside of your vacation house. What’s holding you back? Treat yourself to a holiday in one of our luxurious vacation properties in San Juan, Ibiza, surrounded by a heavenly beautiful environment that invites you to dream and enjoy!

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