Your 2015 Vacation in Ibiza

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This vacation will definitely be YOUR vacation! This year, you will be crashing Ibiza’s clubscene!

You’ll freely hop from club to club, and experience exquisite bars, new dance clubs, beautiful people and fantastic music on almost every night of your vacation. Of course, you will be needing a matching, appealing, high quality and nobly furnished holiday accommodation for your trip. All that – you find here! Our fancy decorated vacation homes, fincas, and holiday condos will take your breath away just by looking at the photos. You will realize that our holiday real estate properties match the high standards that you demand from yourself and your environment.

Holiday property with a view over Ibiza at night
Holiday property with a unique view over Ibiza at night

You barely dropped your suitcase in one of our elegant fincas, and you can already start making plans for your nightly entertainment needs. For example, visit your the Sankeys at the Playa d’en Bossa on your first nights in Ibiza. Here’s where house music and underground electro music are played.

Also make sure to visit the Flower Power Party in Ibiza’s legendary club Pacha on the Avenida 8 de Agosto. Starting June 2nd 2015 to September 23rd, a Flower Power Party takes place every Tuesday. Here, everyone is dressed as a Hippie, everything’s decorated in the 70s style and from time to time, it even rains paper hearts from the ceiling. Former visitors of this party describe a unique atmosphere, that is definitely story telling material for your grand kids.

Ibiza offers a diverse variety of party opportunities all year long. There’s something for everyone here, certainly for you as well!

And when you are overwhelmed with happiness, completely exhausted, and smiling as you turn the keys to your vacation property in Ibiza, you’ll need to catch a moment and enjoy the amazing harmony of your days and nights: They are perfect!

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