Spend your holidays in Ibiza in your own holiday home

Rent a holiday home in Ibiza! Enjoy your vacation in your own home on a holiday that you will not so quickly forget. The real estate agents of Engel & Völkers are your competent partner in all matters relating to the holiday home of your dreams. The suitable holiday rental is just a click away.

Ibiza is the ultimate destination for most holidaymakers. What many admirers of the third largest island of the Balearics know only from travel catalogs or blogs, could soon become a reality for you. The sea in its rich blue, the fine, bright sandy beach and the many great sports and entertainment options on the island fascinate and often awaken wanderlust. You have the opportunity to experience the magic of the island on your next vacation. Take on the colors and impressions of Ibiza not only from a distance, but up close.

You are a big step closer to your dream of a perfect holiday on the beautiful island in the Mediterranean, when you get in touch with our real estate agents on site and get to review a selection of holiday properties. You’ll be surprised at how easy it will be for you to plan your vacation once you’ve got the right destination in mind, and Ibiza is definitely a destination that may well be worth a longer holiday.

Ibiza has many sites that you can explore care free. The estate agents of Engel & Völkers have put together a small all-round view for you, which shows you what adventure you are getting into on Ibiza.

Especially in February there are many events that you can visit: how about the San José Art Flea Market, an exclusive wine tasting in San Antonio or an Escape Room Activity in Eivissa? You have the free choice of what you can do outside your holiday home. Many recreational opportunities are available all year-round, such as Reiki, Traveling Yoga, hiking in historic settlements, or walking on the beach of Cala Salada.

Holiday home with the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday, Ibiza
Holiday house for rent on the Balearic island of Ibiza

Rent a high quality holiday home in Ibiza

These possibilities and many more are as popular as Ibiza itself. The island offers a variety of flora and fauna and has retained much of its original naturalness – the viewer is offered a picture that is unique and will be remembered for a long time. Look out for fig trees and date palms. The taste of the dates that you find in Ibiza can not be compared with the fruits you can buy at the supermarket: the taste is intense and naturally sweet.

If you are not convinced at these first insights, imagine that you are already in your holiday home in Ibiza and have the holiday planning behind you already. How do you feel about that? What are your first impressions? Enjoy the silence, the warm breeze and the warmth of the sun on your face. You have finally arrived in your holiday rental and have enough time to absorb all the impressions and maybe even feel at home. Take it easy and do not jump into plans and explorations on the first day, but let the environment work its magic on you. Arrive, breathe deeply and understand the holiday as a holiday. You have an unforgettable time ahead of you that you can optimally enjoy when you leave your everyday life. Once you go to the beach and enjoy the sea – a completely relaxed holiday feeling will set in faster than you imagined.


The island offers the best conditions to become your personal place of wellbeing. Embark on the adventure and stop thinking. Feel free to contact the real estate agents of Engel & Völkers and we will find the holiday home in Ibiza that suits you.

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