Spend an endless siesta in your holiday home in San José, Ibiza

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View of a holiday apartment with pool and dimmed lights in San José
Holiday apartment with siesta-atmosphere, San José, Ibiza

In the charming village of San José, you will get the feeling that the clock is finally starting to slow down again. Sitting under olive trees, you’ll soon realize that days do not have to always pass by in a rush like fast trains. Here’s where you can start to enjoy life and the landscape around you, right from your vacation apartment.

Get on your way and explore the bars, shops and galleries of San José while enjoying the tepid summer breeze, and connectwith the population here at the same time. You could, for example, visit the café Raco Verd, which also happens to be a music bar all at the same time. At the entrance to the terrace of the bar stands the oldest Olive tree of the location. It has been here for over 1000 years!

Not only can you enjoy delicious breakfast, cocktails or tapas here at the Raco Verd, but you can also listen to live music by local artists. From 70s Rock to Blues and Flamenco – everything can be heard here.

This popular meet-up spot in San José is also the starting point of many night-owls after a comfy dinner, who are ready to head out and start the night and drive off to San Antonio or Ibiza-City for an extensive night of partying! San José itself is not a party-spot, and that’s something it doesn’t want to be either. Here’s where peace, relaxation, catching your breath from every day stress and taking comfy siestas rule.

What’s keeping you at home? Grab your few things and spend your next, long-overdue vacation-siesta as a new-islander in one of our elegant vacation apartments or one of our impressive fincas or vacation homes in San José!

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