Rent one of our fabulously beautiful villas in San José

If you decide to rent a villa in San José, you will create the best possible conditions for a unique holiday on the sought-after island of Ibiza. Find a holiday home with Engel & Völkers real estate agents, where you will spend your next and maybe even many more holidays. Here you will find our selection of wonderful holiday rentals in San José and the surrounding areas.

San José is a village that looks as picturesque as a painted canvas. If one had to attach an image to the word scenic or picture-perfect, then it would probably be a snapshot of San José in Ibiza. During your vacation, you will collect many impressions of your own that will be remembered for years to come.

The deciding factor for choosing a holiday in Ibiza was one of the fabulous holiday villas that the real estate brokers at Engel & Völkers presented to you. When you held the exposé of the holiday home in your hands, you knew that this holiday would be very special, without you having to deal with the environment. And this is an effect that no piece of real estate could achieve before. But the holiday accommodation that Engel & Völkers offers in its portfolio in San José on Ibiza has really caught your eye and one or the other vacationer before you.

Rent a beautiful villa in Ibiza in San José now!

Leisure is not defined for you just by the absence of work? You want to use your non-working time as efficiently as possible and enjoy the beautiful things in life? A first start is to rent a villa in San José and enjoy your well deserved holiday in Ibiza.

After the long flight you should  be tired, but the relaxing effect of the quiet resort has a fascinating effect on you. San José is largely untouched by tourism, which is particularly noticeable in the quiet evenings in your villa. Here you can take a break from everyday life. On the first evening in San José you can relax on the balcony of your villa and plan your activities for your holiday on the island. There is plenty to choose from: parasailing, boat trips, adventure diving or cliff diving just to name a few.

Holiday home with breathtaking views (San José)
Holiday house with fantastic sea views, Santa José, Ibiza

Take a walk on the beach, let the air blow through your hair and the bright sun of Ibiza warm your face. While in your villa, pack all the things you need for a leisurely picnic followed by a walk: umbrella, towel, fresh fruit and anything else you would like to eat.

You want to feel like a VIP during your stay in San José? In Ibiza, it is not uncommon for celebrities to appear at boat parties or in clubs like Amnesia or Pacha, which you have only seen on TV so far,  with Techno djs like David Guetta.

Spend a unique holiday in a Engel & Völkers holiday home

One thing is certain: Your next vacation will be unforgettable in a holiday home by Engel & Völkers, just like all other holidays on the island. You will live beautifully on the island, as you would  have never have imagined. Get a first taste of what it’s like to feel at home in Ibiza when you arrive at the cosily furnished holiday home and then explore the surroundings of San José. San José is very central – Ibiza Town or San Antonio are just minutes away by car. Do not forget to take a camera and shoot some pictures for your holiday photo album or your instagram.

Good advice means halfway rented. But see for yourself, discover the diverse sides of Ibiza and visit the island. The estate agents of Engel & Völkers will advise you on site and also give you some insider tips. Rent a villa in San José and we will show you what the uniqueness of this place is about.

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